'To Romania with Love', Tessa's first book, was published by Quartet Books in May 2012. Since then she has been awarded the Ambassador's Diploma for Outstanding Contribution to Knowledge of Romania in the UK; her work on Romania and the Republic of Moldova includes radio and TV programmes, public speaking and a broad spectrum of articles - most recently: Moldovan Wine Lost Bucharest Religion and Riches Rosia Montana She also blogs about Romanian issues for Huffington Post

Tessa writes articles for several national publications...most recently travel features for The Times and numerous travel and farming spreads for Countryside Magazine .

Inspired by her work on Coast she wrote about the the naval roots of tattooing for History Today and it was wartime stories of giving birth at home that encouraged Tessa to chart her own experience for the Mail on Sunday.

In need of some perspective during the credit crunch Tessa recounted the hardships her mother-in-law tolerated in Ceausescu's Romania for The Guardian. In The Telegraph she explained how she met her Romanian husband.

Almost 20 years after the Revolution, Tessa revisited Bucharest to trace the impact of Romania's communist dictator, Ceausescu, on the capital. Here is the article she wrote for the Independent Traveller.

Dying of cancer, Tessa's father decided to donate his body to science. Shocked that there was a need for bodies in Britain Tessa found out more for The Herald. After her father, Donald Dunlop, died in June 2009 Tessa wrote about his decision to donate his body to science in the Mail on Sunday.