The most honest and revealing of all media outlets, one of Tessa's passions is presenting live Radio. Born and brought up in the Highlands of Scotland with very limited TV reception, she was hooked to her parents 'wireless' from an early age.

Moldova - Sour Grapes

Rosia Montana: Romania's decade long gold war

Religion and Riches: the country that builds a church every three days

Outlook reports:

Heart and Soul: The Power and the Faithful   Iona - God's Island

Moldova - caught between Russian and EU ambitions

A Lost City - Bucharest before the Communists came

Romania's Orphans - Young adults leave the horror behind

Tessa is the book reviewer for Classic FM's bedtime reads.
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Headhunted from LBC, Tessa presented a weekly radio show on BBC London for six years. Whenever available she also provided the cover for Vanessa Feltz's show.

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Ten years ago Tessa presented the through-the-night slot on LBC. Within a year she was fronting their weekday afternoons. It's unlikely she would've been given the equivalent freedom so young on TV, but that's the beauty of radio.