Tessa has been lucky enough to film history documentaries all over the world.... and a few in her own backyard. Her passions are woman in wartime, royalty, British imperial history and twentieth century Romanian history. One of her next ventures will involve the woman who has stolen the last two years of Tessa's life (and probably the next three as well!). Marie of Romania was the great heroine of the First World War - a brave soldier Queen and Britain's loyal ally. Having studied Marie's wartime power and influence for her thesis, Tessa is now writing the Queen's biography and developing her story for television.

Tessa is about to begin filming inserts for the ninth series of Coast. Her appearances on the current series of Coast aired this summer. Click here to view her Coast debut  Coast series 7 clip 1  Coast series 7 clip 2

Also on BBC2 she was the history expert on KNOWITALLS and she co-presented BBC2's Thames Shipwrecks: A Race Against Time. Part 2 won an RTS award for best factual programme. Here are a series of clips from various history programmes Tessa's presented.

Earlier this year Tessa filmed and presented a very personal story for the One Show about her father's decision to donate his body to science after he died. In the wake of the two films there was a surge in people expressing the wish to do the same. You can watch part one and part two.

Tessa is also a regular on BBC1 Breakfast where she contributes to history features and news reviews.

Tessa was the history investigator in three Lost World Series for the US HISTORY Channel. Using CGI and joined by leading experts they re-created the ancient worlds of some of history's most famous characters and civilisations. The series were all screened on the British History Channel.In 2008 Tessa also fronted a two hour special on the Lost Pyramid of Djedefre for the US History Channel.

Tessa frequently writes up her own programme ideas and over the last couple of years has had a number of them commissioned by BBC London's Inside Out. A personal favourite was a short film she made about the historic changes in the way women give birth, using her own experience of a home birth.

Tessa speaks Romanian and another film she was really pleased to get off the ground was a short about the much maligned Roma living in Slough. She is planning more films with the gypsies in the future.....

Tessa's also presented history programmes on a number of other channels including Discovery Europe, UKTV History, Channel 5 and Time Team for Channel 4 not forgetting BBC Wales who asked her to work out how Welsh the Prince of Wales was... you can watch her verdict here.

She is always up for discussing ideas so please do get in contact should you have any thoughts.