Hello  and welcome! Any minute now I’m submitting my PhD (phew…) hence the new look website.

This year when my history doctorate wasn’t hogging me, I really enjoyed taking my bestselling Century Girls book on tour, making a couple of landmark Radio 4 documentaries and being a (noisy) pundit on The Ch5 Jeremy Vine show. I LOVE live TV/RADIO, it’s real a tonic, there are some clips on my broadcast page if you want to check them out… look forward to hearing from you.   Tess x

I’m an insomniac and have been for 10 years. Here are my sleep tips. (They only sometimes work!)

Clean sheets

No screens before or in bed

Hot water bottle

Paracetamols (don’t over use!)

Warm milk + biscuits


A good pillow of the right consistency

Fresh air


Just confirmed a proofer for my PHD. Am feeling lighter (financially and mentally)

Deadline 31January 2020.

Yes I am aware failure to hit this (second) deadline will leave me ‘dead in a ditch’ with you know who. A fate WORSE than death!

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Tessa can be contacted via email at info@tessadunlop.com
or via her agent Hilary Murray at Hilary@arlingtontalent.com and 020 7580 0702.