Hello  and welcome! Any minute now I’m submitting my PhD (phew…) hence the new look website.

This year when my history doctorate wasn’t hogging me, I really enjoyed taking my bestselling Century Girls book on tour, making a couple of landmark Radio 4 documentaries and being a (noisy) pundit on The Ch5 Jeremy Vine show. I LOVE live TV/RADIO, it’s real a tonic, there are some clips on my broadcast page if you want to check them out… look forward to hearing from you.   Tess x

I love @mskarengibson so much - seeing @TheKingdomChoir live this year was one of my highlights! Me and the fabulous Karen on @bbcone in fifteen #BritainsChristmasStory 10.45. fellow chums @TracyBorman and @Tessadunlop on too! But what Xmas story are we discussing?

Obvs I would also be a Prime Minister but I got side tracked making a Cake for the Christmas Fair 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

Tessa Dunlop@Tessadunlop


Our democratic model does not serve the dangerous binary politics of our time. We have to start fighting for reform:


My mum a copper-bottomed unionist held her nose and voted @theSNP to keep the @Conservatives out in North Perthshire, Scotland

How did it come to this?

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